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Need a coating for a specialty application. We design and manufacture coatings for applications such as..
Marine easy clean coatings, antifouls and running gear release agents.Aviation detailing products and sealants for easy clean & de-icingAutomotive detailing sealants, wheel rim easy clean, abrasive cutting compounds.Anti-graffiti and anti-fingerprint coating for PU paints, gelcoat and stainless steel.


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Marine Coatings

Above the waterline

Product NoFunctionApplicationSubstrates
PG-4200Detailing sealerWipe on / buff offPU / GRP
PG-4400 (Summer)Easy clean clearcoatRoll and tipPU
PG-4450 (Winter)Easy clean clearcoatRoll and tipPU
PG-7100Water based ceramic removerBrush on, rinse offPU
GRP- 3000Easy clean clearcoatRoll and tipGRP
Zytexx Marine Coatings

Zytexx is our customer and applicator of Ceramic Clearcoats for superyachts in Europe. This class of products include PG-4400 clearcoat, PG-4200 sealer and the PG-7100 Ceramic removal gel. Please contact Zytexx for expert and professional application.

Below the waterline

Product NoFunctionApplicationNotes
AF-9K - CLFoul release agentSpray / rollerTop coat Clear
AF-9K-WHFoul release agentSpray/ rollerTop Coat White
AF-9K-CUFoul release agentSpray / rollerCustom colour
TC-0100Tie Coat for AF-9K-CLSpray / rollerCustom color tint
TC-0150Tie Coat for AF-9K-WH & CUSpray / rollerHigh Blocking (pink)
RG-0200-CLProp & shaft foul release agentBrushTop Coat Clear
RG-0250-CUPrimer for Stainless with RG-0200-CLBrushCustom color options

AF Series foul release agent are copper and tin free, and do not work by polymer crumbling. As such they do not release heavy metals or plastics into the ocean or shipyard environment. They have a long service life and are robust to knocks and scrapes.
The AF series coating create a perpetually slippery surface that prevents growth from adhering. Vessel motion and water flow pulls growth from the hull.
These coating have no application restrictions, and can be applied months before the vessel is dropped in the water. They can similarly be kept dry, such as on a hull in dry storage racks, and resume protection once in the water again.

The AF series coating also have great colour flexibility. They can be either a clear top coat and tinted tie-coat system, that gives an appealing automotive paintwork look, or be simply tinted topcoats, giving classical flat antifoul look. These coatings can be pigmented with mica fleck pigments for a unique stylish look, or with solid colour pigment to match or compliment the hull paintwork.

Automotive Coatings

Product NoFunctionApplicationNotes
AF-3Auto detailing ceramic sealantWipe on - buff offPolysilazane based. Very Bright
AF-5Auto detailing ES sealant2K system. Wipe on-buff off.Epoxy-silane based. Very durable
Zytexx Marine Coatings

Sealants are particularly effective at re-sealing automotive paint post-polishing. Polishing can rip a flat paint surface and expose it to environmental attack and degradation. Similarly UV weathering can cause chalking and fading. This degraded surface is often restored by sanding and polishing. Sealants are an easy and economical way of closing that ripped surface. Once sealed water and dirt is excluded from the paint surface, preventing further degradation.

Sealants also impart long lasting gloss and hydrophobicity. They are more durable than waxes and are paint shop compatible.

We have two variants for this application. AF-3 and AF-5.

AF-3 Ceramic Sealant is an easy to apply product with great gloss and durability. It is used worldwide by number of our clients as a pre-delivery paint protection product for new car sales. It is based on a polysilazane - polydimethylsiloxane resin system that is durable yet flexible. It has a service life of around 2 years. It is a one part moisture cure system. AF-3 is best used in urban application as it's easy-clean properties allow diesel soot and pollution streaking cleanup.

AF-5 is a epoxy-silane sealant. It has excellent adhesion and durability on clearcoats and GRP surfaces. It is very abrasion resistant and has a long service life. It is a 2K system (it uses a hardener) and is more demanding to apply than the AF-3, but has superior chemical resistance, UV stability and longevity than the AF-3. It is ideal for commercial and rural vehicles.

Established in 1968, we originally traded as Ferro Chemical Services, manufacturing electroplating supplies, polishes, abrasives and a myriad of other products.

Discovering a passion for adopting the latest technology, and with expertise in the marine and aviation industry, we decided to diversify. Our aim has always been to craft innovative products that improve and redefine industry processes.

We apply our technical proficiency to develop and manufacture coatings for the marine, automotive and aviation industries. Located in the northern rivers of New South Wales in Australia, we like to incorporate the newest and emerging materials and technologies into our unique products. Our goal is to discover new and more straightforward ways of doing things to achieve superior results

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